Online Support

PC Support

Please click here to download our team viewer applet to your computer so that we may remotely see and support your computer. You can either click on Save (save it somewhere on your computer where you can find it. if you wish to have it there for future use or Run if you just want this to use as a onetime request. If you have any firewalls such as Norton or Mcafee which ask to block anything whilst you are installing this download please click on Always allow this connection (it may be written is slightly different language). If you want a zip version to download click here.

Once the program is installed and running on your computer you will see a screen like this below


On the right hand side you will see your partners ID number. This is the number you will need to tell your PC Problems Support Representative when you call them. We will then ask you for your Session Password which appears below the main ID number. At this point you need to

MAC Remote Support

If you have a MAC computer and need remote online support, please click here to download the remote support tool to your MAC and then call your MAC Remote Support representative on the following

Call one of our premium rate telephone numbers

0906 345 1630
0906 345 1631
0906 345 1632

This call will then be charged to your telephone bill at the rate of £ 1.50 + VAT per minute from a BT land line and vary from Other networks, with a maximum call duration of 20 minutes (30 minutes call time) after which we will have to disconnect you and you will need to call back. This requirement is by the governing body for premium rate lines.
The engineer you will speak to has expertise in Microsoft Products, all PC computer hardware and most well know computer software programs. He will also have expertise in Internet, e-mail and webspace areas.